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Contractual penalty of 84% of the salary, measured up to 10%

Today, the Wrocław’s court has recognized our view in its entirety and by its judgment lowered the contractual penalty imposed by the Ordering Party (contract concluded under a public procurement procedure) for delays in the realisation of the contract for the completion of design and execution documentation of the building.
During the trial we were able to prove the absence of damage on the part of the Ordering Party, the absence of fault of our client and the relationship between the actions and omissions of the Ordering Party and the resulting delay.
Our work has been appreciated by the jury itself, planting the costs of legal representation in the amount of double rate.

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An application for a license to operate the cryptocurrency exchange submitted to the Malta Financial Services Authority

For the last 10 months, our Law Firm, in cooperation with specialists from many fields and nationalities, has been adapting our client's activities to the requirements of the Maltese financial supervisory authority imposed the cryptocurrencies exchanges.
During this period we have helped to create structures and procedures for the company's operation, analysed and secured risks, identified areas necessary to adapt to existing and emerging requirements.
We participated in trainings organized by Maltese financial institutions, we met with representatives of MFSA (Maltese equivalent of KNF), we conducted interviews and correspondence exchange with authorities, we recruited specialists for the client, we conducted interviews with banks and payment institutions - in 2019 alone we visited Malta 4 times for this purpose.
All this in order to prepare the client to obtain a license allowing the MFSA supervising cryptocurrency exchange activity with the possibility of a Maltese state protected storage of user deposits. (Class 4 VFA Service licence)

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Consensus 2019 Conference in New York

Representatives of our law firm together with the client participated in one of the biggest annual international conferences devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
The conference was also an opportunity to meet with our colleagues from Oster McBride PLLC Law Firm from Washington.